How It Work


Mr. Fab Hair Fibers are based on natural cotton plant. We do not compromise with the quality of our products and these are made of the quality cotton grown in very specific regions where conditions are optimal for finest cotton. This cotton is grown in some specific areas of India, China and Brazil.


Our products are derived from the fibers which resemble human hair so it becomes very difficult to detect this when you apply it on your hair, it is also comfortable for your hair and scalp.

This product lasts long on your hair because it is made of the material which makes sticks on your hair. There are Keratin based products in the market which results in further hair loss but using Mr. Fab doesn’t affect your hair loss, neither it promotes hair growth nor it affects your hair loss.


Our products are made of natural ingredients and we do not use any preservatives like sulfate and parabens. It doesn’t cause itching in your scalp and keep your hair breathing. We understand the requirement of our customers so we go extra mile to make sure that they get best quality.

You can use our products every day and leave them on for days. Mr. Fab is very reliable and comfortable for your scalp even if your scalp is sensitive.

If you are looking for something which you can use for a long time then Mr. Fab is for you. Order it now.

How to apply Mrfab

Mrfab Free Sample
Step: 1

Wash & dry hair thoroughly before applying Mrfab.

Step: 2

After your hair is completely dry, simply shake Mrfab liberally over thinning areas of the scalp.

Step: 3

Ensure all areas are adequately covered & gently pat the fibers into place.

Step: 4

Apply Fiberhold spray (optional) to create an additional bond.

Science is Why Fabric Hair Works so Well:

The Triboelectric Effect

Your hair has a natural positive charge. Fabric Hair has a negative charge -- together they create a static charge that draws them to one another -- “magnetically.”

  • 100% natural & safe -- promotes healthy hair
  • Works instantly - 2 mins in the morning lasts ALL day
  • Undetectable - blends perfectly, it can't be seen.
  • Affordable. Effective. Guaranteed.

Simply shake Fabric Hair onto to your hair and pat it, causing friction. This instantly and firmly bonds Fabric Hair to your hair -- the result of the triboelectric effect created by the opposite polarities of your hair and the Fabric Hair particles.

Fabric Hair natural cotton binds to your hair - AND it breathes. Some products use low grade fibres like keratin or wool -- that suffocates your hair and can even cause further hair loss. Other fibre products end up on your pillow in the morning. Not very encouraging (and maybe a deal breaker if you’ve got someone in bed with you).



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